Are You Ready?

The following questions will assist you to determine your readiness for the coaching process.

Questions about SUCCESS?

• How do you define success?

• List three ways!

• Are you meeting your definition of success?

Questions about COMMUNICATION…

• When you are communicating…are your ideas, concerns, and opinions listened to, taken seriously, and acted upon?

• Does your communication style in the workplace work for or against you? In what way?

• Does your communication style in your personal life get in the way of communicating successfully? If yes, in what way?

• Have you ever made a recommendation or comment in a meeting and been ignored? Then later…someone else said the same thing and they were acknowledged?

• Would you like assistance in enhancing your existing communication skills or developing new communication skills?

Complete the Communication Competence Survey to help you understand the communication opportunities that exist in your work life.

To view and download the COMMUNICATION COMPETENCE SURVEY click here.

Questions About Career Progression…

• Do you want to move forward in your career but are unsure what to do next?

• Do you need to maximize your performance in order to move ahead?

• Do you want to enhance existing leadership skills or develop new skills?

• Do you understand how your existing skills are transferable to other positions or careers?

• Are you tired of beating your ahead against the glass ceiling? Would you like to work with some one to help you crack and move through the glass ceiling?

• Would you like to partner with someone to help you "think through" your career concerns and assist you to meet your goals?

Complete the Job "Happiness" Quotient Survey to determine your "happiness" job quotient and to assist you to better understand why you might want to consider coaching.

To view and download the Job "Happiness" Quotient click here.


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