Communication Coaching

Communication coaching provides specific coaching to enhance your communication skills at work or in your personal relationships. To assess your need for communication coaching, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does your communication style work for you or against you in your work or home environment? How does your communication work against you?

2. When you are communicating...are your ideas, concerns, and opinions listened to, taken seriously, and acted upon? If not, why?

3. Have you ever made a recommendation or comment in a meeting and been ignored? Then later...someone else said the same thing and they were acknowledged? If yes, would you like to have your communication work positively for you?

What we say and how we say it determines our success in the workplace and in our personal relationships. Different audiences need different approaches. Coaching will assist you to know how to clarify your messages and help you to develop an approach to insuring that all of your messages are understood.


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