How Coaching Works

Customized coaching depends on you...what you want and need. Coaching depends on your personality, learning style, values, and home and work environments. Although each coaching opportunity is customized, the process of coaching involves some specific steps:

Step 1 The initial meeting provides us the opportunity to get to know each other and to decide whether or not to establish a coaching partnership.

Step 2 Data gathering can be accomplished through discussion, personal assessments, interviews with others, and 360 degree assessments.

Step 3 Identification of the issue or concern that you would like to work on together.

Step 4 Formulation of your desired outcome for the coaching relationship.

Step 5 Building support structures to insure your success.

Step 6 Evaluation of your progress.

Every great sports personality has a coach and research shows that coaching pays off for other professionals as well. A study of 100 coached professionals found a 570% return on investment: coaching improved productivity 53%, quality 48%, work relationships 77%, and overall job satisfaction increased 61%. Coaching pays off in many valuable ways.





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