What Is Coaching

Coaching is a process whereby you and the coach partner together to:

Create Success - however, you define success!
Connect the dots to all parts of your life!
Combine what you know with what you want to "be."

Although I prefer coaching to be a one-on-one in person process, schedules may require that some coaching be done by telephone or email. Coaching is CONFIDENTIAL giving you the opportunity to share your concerns and gain an outside perspective.

In the past you have probably surrounded yourself with individuals who have helped you achieve your goals - mentors, teachers, and parents. Hiring a coach is the next step on your personal development. Again you will be surrounding yourself with someone who can assist you to meet your goals. Coaching is not therapy or consulting, if these services are required, I will be happy to refer you to a qualified professional.

One-on-one coaching is defined as working with individuals in one-to-two hour sessions per week or month over a fairly long period of time. Meetings are devoted to pursuing ways that clients can be more effective as human beings and as professionals. Coaching involves: 1. setting goals, 2. observing, 3. acknowledging breakdowns, and 4. intervening in ways that will assist people to learn and improve.

Coaching is different than traditional classroom training programs, traditional consulting, or other learning processes. And, more importantly, people and organizations are finding that in today's fast paced, ever-changing environment, more than traditional programs and processes are needed. Coaching focuses on individual needs rather than the needs of the whole. In addition, the learning objectives are determined by the individual and are integrated with the context of the individual's personal life, organization and the job. Coaching also allows more opportunity for the client to accept responsibility or ownership of their personal or workplace issues. Coaching gives the individual the opportunity to practice new skills. Coaching helps clients to improve their ability to observe and process data about themselves, accept and learn from feedback, and become an active participant with their coach in identifying and solving problems.


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